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                                    Commercial complex
                                    Yiyang Wanda Plaza, Hunan
                                    Country Garden Pacificview In Malaysia
                                    Shenzhen Hanjing Building
                                    Beijing Seven Ster Morgen Building
                                    Nanshan Xinhe Spring Mall Shenzhen
                                    Tianjin Bay Central Square
                                    Tianjin Dayue City Mall
                                    Wuhan Han Street Business Center
                                    Jiangyin Wanda Plaza
                                    Shenzhen Building Decoration Group Co., Ltd., Guangdong ICP Preparation of No. 05016715
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                                    Floor 11, 12, 13, Building A , Chuang Lingtong Science and Technology Building .No. 1, Shihua road, Futian Bonded Zone, Shenzhen, China
                                    Telephone number:+86-0755-82525628