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                                    Founded in September 1986, Shenzhen Building Decoration (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shenzhuang Group" for short) is a large international enterprise group integrating design, research&development, production and construction. Formerly known as Shenzhen Building Decoration General Contracting Company, it is one of the enterprises founded by over 20,000 members of the engineering corps who were transferred to civilian work in Shenzhen. Shenzhuang Group has seven Class A Qualifications in the fields of decoration, curtain wall, electromechanical products, electronics and intelligence, etc., Double Class-A Qualifications in decoration and curtain wall design approved by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People's Republic of China, and is among the first batch of enterprises granted the national green decoration engineering certification. It serves as the drafting unit of the national engineering standards for green decoration and the editor-in-chief of a number of national engineering construction standards.

                                    As an international enterprise of modern building decoration, Shenzhuang Group has always adhered to the development philosophy of "green, science&technology and humanity", the core values of "credibility, responsibility and accountability", and the strategy of "achieving inclusive development led by talents and driven by innovation". It is determined to forge ahead in an innovative and enterprising spirit, and as a result has won the recognition of the society and the industry. Since its foundation, Shenzhuang Group has garnered outstanding achievements in the design and construction of national and municipal key projects, cultural architecture, hotel space, commercial space, office buildings, hospitals, schools, rail transit and refined residential decoration. It has been rated an Outstanding Contribution Enterprise in China's Architecture and Decoration Industry, AAA Credit Grade Enterprise in China's Architecture and Decoration Industry, Leading Enterprise of Green Decoration, Benchmarking Enterprise of Independent Innovation and Outstanding Enterprise in Fulfilling Social Responsibility, and has been in the front rank of China Building Decoration Industry Top 100 Enterprises for 17 consecutive times, and won the third place in 2019. It has won more than 300 national awards and it is one of the enterprises that has received the largest number of China Construction Engineering Luban Prize and China Construction Engineering Decoration Award. At present, Shenzhuang Group has maintained long-term strategic cooperation with Huawei, Tencent, Baidu, China Mobile, Qihoo 360, Midea, Huafa, Vanke, Evergrande, Country Garden, Agile, BNBM, Nippon group and other well-known enterprises. Its projects cover major Chinese cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Macao, and foreign countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia.

                                    Shenzhuang Group has been actively developing and utilizing new techniques, technologies and materials. At present, it has over 100 patents and keeps over 50 innovation records; it has participated in the compilation of 15 national and industrial technical standards and association standards, many of which serve as the first in the industry, and it ranks top three in compiling the largest number of the above-mentioned standards in the building and decoration industry.

                                    Based on the strategic layout of "setting headquarters in Shenzhen and targeting at global market", Shenzhuang Group invested in the construction of Shenzhen Shenzhuang (Chizhou) Industrial Park Co., Ltd. in 2010, implemented the industrial production mode of "technology-based research, standardization of components, mechanization of processing and assemblage of construction", and put into place a large-scale modern industrial park integrating wood product factories, curtain wall factories, steel structure factories, aluminum profile factories, stone factories, new material companies and R&D center. By combining the production, processing and research of decoration materials, the park has created a new development mode for the industrialization of green decoration.

                                    The Design and Research Institute of Shenzhuang Group is well equipped with nearly 1,000 professional designers and technicians, and over 20 design institutes and branches. It has invited professors from Tsinghua University, Shenzhen University and other well-known institutions as design consultants, and established Shenzhuang Group International Design Alliance to build strategic partnerships with top design institutions around the world. By integrating art into space, it makes the building of today into the cultural heritage of the future, making a better life more promising.

                                    Three decades on, Shenzhuang group is once again standing at a new starting point for development. Since 2016, Mr. Wu Fugui, the controlling shareholder, has led the operation and development of Shenzhuang Group. He firmly takes the construction of "century-old brand, century-old Shenzhuang Group" as the goal and vision and holds the responsibility of revitalizing of national industry, leading industry development and promoting social progress as his own. He strives to pursue IT-based development, green development, talent development and scientific and technological innovation. By gathering strength for brand development, adapting to the trend of market development, following the rules of the market and constantly integrating effective resources, Shenzhuang Group has achieved rapid, healthy and sustainable development.

                                    Shenzhuang Group has always adhered to the customer-centered value orientation to meet their changing needs, and has always been providing the best service and more quality products to fulfill the people's yearning for a better life. 

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